Map Any Datapoint To A<br>Time-series Database

Map Any Datapoint To A
Time-series Database

When we are entertain a new idea we often to look for data to support that idea in order to help others perceive that value as well. Static numbers updating on an interface is will only go so far.

Sometimes representing that data within a time-series database can help. This is where Prometheus comes in. An open source protocol that allows for flexible data mapping to time-series.  This flexible data mapping protocol is using from everything to Big Data Analytics to equipment performance monitoring systems.

We like to use Prometheus as an intermediary between other protocols that have a bit more customization like Grafana.

Customers Have Found It Most Useful For

Most of our customers that we’ve set this type of server up for and clients that use it as a middleware for other applications like Grafana along with monitoring of trends in automated data output pipelines.

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”

— John Tukey

The Art of Effective Visualization of Multi-dimensional Data

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