Turn-key Digital Strategies

Turn-key Digital Strategies

Businesses are struggling to compete with more technical opponents that are entering the marketplace.. plain and simple. While the tools may seem basic and user friendly they often have a long learning curve to create a well received outward appeal.

Adaptive Technologies has a different approach, we’re programmers that have tried our own tools and ultimately resulted back at WordPress for our CMS, the ecosystem is HUGE!!

Which Server Provider Do I Want To Use? Digital Ocean? AWS? 

After we’ve chosen a server provider we’ll choose our server stack that encapsulates our for WordPress which is typically LAMP (Linux/Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP). From there a wordpress zip is uploaded to the server. Files are then updated & upgraded in order to reflect most recent security updates for those servers. 

In the process of procuring a server it’s also important to keep in mind of account security such as SSH keys to your physical server that’s accessed through a program like PuTTy.exe. 

These are technical tools for maintaining website security that normal web design companies and agencies don’t understand unless they have a team experienced in deploying servers.

Upon completion of server setup we ask for 5 priority domain names they would like for their default use. These domains are chosen at and managed at freenom.com to give our customers up and running as fast and cost effective as possible. With the ability of linking “.com’s” have become less and less necessary.

What Plugins Does My Business Need?

Once WordPress is installed it comes down to what plugins are going to benefit the user the most. This approach is usually guided by a few fundementals.
  •  Which plugins do I need to make my site look good and are easy to maintain?
  • Which plugins do I need for Data and Analytics that will ultimately but my way to gain insights?
  • Which plugins do I need to help with Marketing whether that be Email, Social, SEO?
  • Which plugins do I need to manage payment services such as subscription, invoice, e-commerce, point-of-sales, web domain?
All of the answers to the questions are the recipes to creating user friendly and business scaling online engagements!

Server Setup

$ 899
Starting At
  • 3 Page WordPress Site multi-section parts
  • Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics
  • Domain Name & SSL
  • Configured Server Setup

Social Build

$ 699
2 Social Strategies
  • Youtube, Instagram, Facebook
  • Easy to use & Scaleable
  • Brand Image Curation
  • Choose Your Biz Platform

Monthly Service

$ 499
Per Month
  • 3 Small Changes / wk
  • 2 Page Adds Per Month
  • Free Back-ups and Hosting
  • 7 day a week support

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